SECURE home with alarms

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€ 80.00
HUB the Central Unit of all HomeComm Security & Safety Solutions. Free HomeComm App. Build your own smart home solution with the hub (gateway) and any device from HomeComm.


Perfect for securing and protecting any home. Secure your home with motion sensors, door and window sensors and sirens. The system detects open windows and doors and movement and reports them directly to your smartphone via the HomeComm Alarm App. Use the remote control or the app to turn the alarm on and off and get a notification when the kids come home.

PROTECT your home

Use the HUB with HomeComm Leakage Sensor to detect small water leaks and burst pipes. The smallest water leaks may not be visible, but let's find such leaks before mold has destroyed your home or made your family sick. Major water leaks can destroy your home instantly and lead to a high water bill. Stopping a running toilet should alone cover your system costs.


The HUB offers support for wireless smoke detectors from the Danish company CAVIUS. Linked smoke alarms ensure a faster response throughout your home. Add heat alarms for kitchens, garages, etc. to reduce the risk of false positives. Smoke detectors with mains power supply also belong to the CAVIUS family


Compatible with Google Assistant. Voice control your home e.g. “OK Google, activate away Mode”


Get notifications from the app, if an alarm is triggered or warn your neighbors in case of an emergency